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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Christopher, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I was at one of my local haunts hunting for interesting flags when I came across a couple common printed 48 star flags. I was about to purchase them, when a lady came up to me and motioned for me to have alook behind the counter.

    This is what was there..........
    (flags exactly like this, but not this one, I don't have pics yet) Three of these rolled up all nice and neat. Measuring aprox. 26" x 17.5" (varying lenghts)
    They were priced down conciderably and she said that they were about to place them outside in the planter.... ( it was raining) for the upcoming flag day.
    I immediatly purchased all three at a steal. I'm guessing they thought they were junk, as they do have a couple small tears, but no stains. Beautiful red, not quit white, and blue.
    The sticks are split and the flag is placed inside holding it in place.

    My 48 star flag hunt was a success and I might still go back and pick up that common one as I do not have a fully printed 3x5 48 Star flag yet.
    Happy Hunting this Flag Day!!
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    Nice find Christopher!

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