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    There was an article about proper disposal of the american flag in the...
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    Disposal of Flag

    The US Flag Code states "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning". As long as it is a respectful disposal it is acceptable. But, for your best options, allow an organization that does this on a regular basis to do it for you. Where you are located you should have no trouble locating any of the groups I am about to mention.

    Girl Scouts of America
    Boy Scouts of America
    Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
    The American Legion

    You can also contact and they will supply you with an address to mail your flag to for disposal. If you can not contact any of the following groups in your area and dispose of your flag on your own, please do so in a quiet respectful manner that OUR Flag deserves. If by some chance none of the above helps you, repost ATTENTION TRIPLEA and I will make arrangements to retrieve the flag form you and ensure its proper disposal.
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    Hello all,
    Big O here, from middle Tennessee. Have been unable to contact Flagkeepers to report for duty. Nevertheless, we here protect and defend the flag to the best of our abilities. We replace worn flags which are no longer serviceable, repair and repaint flagstaffs where necessary, and generally endeavor to ensure that Old Glory is well and properly represented in this region.We encourage our fellow Americans to bring any such needs to our attention.
    We will be conducting a flag retirement ceremony in celebration of Memorial Day, 2007. All Americans will be welcome.
    Those who wish to attend may contact me at-
    Big O
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    Hey, I'm a Boy Scout in Northern Virginia. I want to do a Flag drive for my Eagle Project. It would involve collecting old flags and properly disposing of them. Can anyone recomend a specific ceremony that can dispose of many flags all at once or rapidly but still in a respectful manner? Also, can anyone reccomend a place to take the flags in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland area?

    Please email me with your suggestions at

    Thanks for your help!

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    I would like all readers to know that the VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, disposes of the American Flag through a dignified and honorable ceremony. All VFW post will gladly accept your torn or weathered flags, and if they don't do the ceremony, they will ensure it makes it to a post that does.

    Commander VFW Post 10722
  6. to whom it may concern,
    I feel that when it comes to burning the flag, ONLY military org should be the only ones to burn the flag. NOT the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. They have not benn living long enough to know or learn. If they want to help they should help
    by getting with any military org and watching them.
  7. milton - welcome to the site

    i believe this view of yours is wrong

    the scouts SHOULD be learning proper disposal- and i believe that this - along with other respect for the flag should be taught in schools to educate the young Americans into treating the flag correctly

    they will know and they will learn if shown properly how to do so by the scout leaders
    from what ive seen - the scouts conduct very respectful ceremonies and people should be proud of them for that
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    At the end of the day, is just a flag. Its no different spraying up a demo derby car in the american flag
  9. what? have u got anything useful to add here?
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    Not to brag I had nothing to do with the first one, I was born on the 4th of July, I also served my country for 20+ years in the Air Force. So I have an undying love for this country and my flag, that being said I would like to inform you that the boys scouts etc. in our local area would prefer not to receive the flags for disposal. They do it occasionally and do not want it to become an “oh great another boring flag burningâ€￾ but the ones I have witness’d were done with military personal in white gloves and dignity a very moving ceremony for myself. But I have found after installing my own 20 ft. flag pole in my yard the company I bought it thru “Colonial Flagâ€￾ does accept and dispose of them with respect. Getting back to the girl and boys scouts not being old enough, yes they are young and don’t know what this flag means to the older veterans etc. but they can learn as they watch the older ones of us pass on our remembrance of what the flag means to us. As was done at the burning of the flags I observed while I was young.
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    My son is a boy scout and has decided to build a permanent place to ceremoniously burn US flags for our local American Legion Post as his Eagle project. Any one have thought as to how to build it or what to build it out of? Concrete was our first thought. Love to hear ideas
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    1.) How to Dispose: Please turn in the flag to your local Amvets, VFW, American Legion or etc. Do not just toss "Old Glory" in the trash. It may just be a reprinted flag, but for some of us it was hope and our guiding light that keep up our morale while serving in a difficult situation.

    2.) Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts: I believe that most videos you see on youtube depict children that are too young. A senior boyscout I can see performing such a honor. I am tired of seeing guys hanging out letting their kids burn a bin full of flags and drink beer.

    3.) Youtube:
    I really think the whole recording and broadcasting the whole process is wrong.

    I took great pride when I had the honor of serving my country. I just wish every American took the time to do their part so they can have the same joy I once did.

    For those of you too cheap to go to Walmart and buy a 15 dollar flag to display.... SHAME ON YOU! Atleast you can do is have the intestinal fortitude to display your love for your country. I know until the day I draw my last breathe that I will proudly display my cotton woven flag with the upmost respect.
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    I believe the kids should learn as well. I just taught an 8 year old how to properly fold the flag. He did not know about not letting it touch the ground. This is not my son it is my best friends son who past away when he was only about 15 months old. His dad and I were in the military together and grew up together. I know he would have taught him the proper way but since he is not around I am sure he would want me to do it.
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    I must agree with the moderator. Ths Scouts are a patriotic organization & it is good experience for them to participate in anything patriotic. Final honors to our Flag would definitely qualify. I am the closest thing to a "Colors Sgt.", in my reserve unit, having been in an honor guard (on active duty) and having commanded our color guard. I would suggest that they consider assisting in a ceremony conducted by a Legion or VFW post and adopting a similar format. I was, originally, here seeking an official, military, format but, finding none, and having participated in my Legion post's ceremony, I can prepare one for submission to the training officer. The main operative concept is to ensure that the ceremony shows proper respect for the emblem under which so many have fought & died. Do that & it is difficult to go wrong.
    On behalf of my unit, "Commit the Reserves!!!" God bless y'all & God bless America!!! HOOAHH!!! Sgt Mack
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    I live in a private retirement community and am president of a club that offers dignified flag burning as a community service. One thing that we are noticing is that more and more flags are made of synthetic materials that emit clouds of black, oily smoke when burned. I don't want to get all touchy-feely environmentally correct here, but burning a dozen or more good sized flags really does creates a nasty plume of heavily polluted smoke. (Believe me, you don't want to breathe it by mistake.) Have other organizations reported this issue and is there a solution to it?
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    Hey everybody, I am a Army Junior ROTC Cadet. I am a senior also, my senior project is going around my town and approaching local businesses in a professional manner and offering to retire their flags out front and buy them a new one and put it up. All of this done within Army regulation of course. Would anybody link me or show me a sight where I can find the Army regulation on flag retirement so I can discuss how I will get my 20 hours of community service in my letter of intent that gets reviewed and either pass/or failed by my school board. Would be very much appreciated!

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