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Discussion in 'Flag Poles' started by AverageJoe_MN, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. AverageJoe_MN

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    Have a 16 ft pole from "Uncommon USA" but a little wind last week in my Minnesota suburban home and it's bent over. The company refuses to stand by it (it's about a year old) so I'm off looking for something better than their cheap quality pole they won't support. Any recommendations?
  2. MAFlagger

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    A great option for a flagpole that is sturdy and cheap is simply doing it yourself. I suggest using a roof rake or a steel/aluminum pole that you can find at Home Depot. I got a roof rake for $50. What I did was get a steel pipe that was slightly larger that the diameter of the roof rake, sledgehammer that into the ground, and slide the roof rake in. Buying some plastic flag mounts for $2 allows you to fly your flag and easily lift out the roof rake to change the flag. Most roof rakes are rust-resistant and come it detachable segments for easy storage, but overall are very sturdy when locked together. What my friend did was, which is a little more time consuming, he purchased a 20' steel pole from lowes, as well as a few bags of concrete and a 5 gallon bucket. He put a PVC sleeve level in the bucket, then proceeded to fill the bucket with concrete. The bucket was buried level to the surface and another bag or two of concrete was poured above the bucket. He covered the bucket and concrete with the dirt he dug up. The steel pole was fitted with 2 #16 Pipe Clamps, one for a swivel pulley and one for the cleat. He then purchased 50 feet of 1/4" Braided Nylon Rope. He attached the components and properly strung the rope, and his flagpole looks great 2 years later. If you are looking for an easier route, use the flag mounting rings.

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