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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by airforceone, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. airforceone

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    About a year or so ago, I listened to a podcast of Coast to Coast AM. I can't remember the date of the show or the name of the guest, but something that has stuck with me since that time, is what the guest said about displaying the American Flag outside one's home. This is not a quote, but basically what the man said is that displaying an American flag outside one's home is the equivalent of giving the Feds an open invitation into that person's home.

    I tried using Google but could find no mention of this. But I did find this site that way, and figured this would be the best place to ask.

    I'd like to note that I am an American citizen. I served nearly 30 years in the US Air Force (retired in 2009), 17 years of that was in a Joint Special Operations unit.

    Thanks very much for any input on this.


  2. NAVA1974

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    Absolute hogwash.


    Columbia Maryland
  3. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, AirForceOne, and welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forum!

    I think that, deep down inside, chances are that you probably already know everything that I'm about to tell you.

    There is NO law, rule, regulation, statute, or tradition, written or unwritten, implicit, or implied, common or uncommon, that would allow ANY level of government, or ANY of its departments, or ANY of its employees or agents, permission to enter one's home or place of business at ANY time simply because there was an American Flag flying (being "displayed") in front of it. PERIOD. And, furthermore, there NEVER has been! Not even in the most extreme emergencies in locales where a period of "Martial Law" existed. NEVER!!!

    Think about it for just a few minutes. You heard an outrageous and unsubstatiated claim made by an anonymous person on a podcast of a late night radio talkshow, BUT were unable to find ANY mention of it on Google (or anywhere else), right? Does THAT tell you anything about the "truthfulness" of the unsubstantiated statement?

    USE the knowledge that you've gained throughout your lifetime.

    Think of the MILLIONS of American Flags that are flying in our Nation RIGHT NOW as you read this! Think of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of American Flags that have flown across our Nation since the day you were born!

    In all the years before, during, and after your service in the U.S. Air Force, have you ever SEEN, or even HEARD of, "The FEDS" or a SWAT Team storming into a house or apartment simply because the resident was displaying (flying) an American Flag next to their front (or side or back) door? No? Have you ever seen, or heard of, "The FEDS" or a SWAT Team storming into a store, or business, or office, or company, or corporate building, or Church just because they had an American Flag flying from the flagpole out in front? No? How about ANY Elementary or Secondary Schools, pre-schools or Kindergartens, Academies, Colleges or Universities? No? Any Stadiums or Arenas, or Racetracks, or any other sporting venues and events? No? How about ANY government buildings, Fire or Police Stations, courthouses, or military bases? NO???

    Well, neither have I.

    Now, given ALL your many, many experiences that you've gone through during your entire lifetime, the ONE & ONLY time you have EVER heard anything along the lines of "that displaying an American flag outside one's home is the equivalent of giving the Feds an open invitation into that person's home", was by that one fear-mongering person, that one and only time, on the "Coast-To-Coast" podcast saying it, right? Does that "one and only" mention of it tell you anything?

    We've ALL heard the old saying, "If it seems too GOOD to be true, it probably is". Well, at least in this case, it works in the opposite way too.

    "If It Seems Too BAD To Be True, It Probably Is!"

    And, so, I rest my case.

    (Like I said at the beginning, chances are, deep down inside, you probably already know ALL this.)

    Thank You for bringing your Flag-related question to our Forum!

    Robin Hickman
    (Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man)
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
  4. airforceone

    airforceone New Member

    Thank you NAVA1974 and Robin for your replies. I appreciate your time.

    Honestly, Robin, I really did NOT know or think that. Honestly, I love my country, I respect my flag, but I trust my government NOT.

    Thanks again.


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