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    I teach civics to seniors and when telling them that an American Flag flown upside-down is a sign of distress. Their question, which I could not answer and the question posed here: has the American flag ever been flown upside in distress? If so, what was the circumstance? I recall a movie--cannot remember the title--where they flew the flag upside-down in distress, but do not know an actual event in American history.
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    Your students are right to question the veracity of that statement. The US Flag Code states that the flag should not be flown upside-down except as a signal of distress. However, it is very commonly flown upside-down as a sign of protest. There are very few (none to my knowledge, actually) where the flag is known to be flown upside down. There are marine paintings showing the British Red Ensign flying upside down from a sinking ship, but I highly suspect that artistic license was invoked as I bet everyone on board had something better to do than turn the flag around.
  3. Dalen

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    I Am Planning On Flying My Flag Upside Down On April 15th As A Sign Of Protest As Well As A Sign Of My Country Being In Great Distress - Thanks For The Info.
  4. Robin Hickman

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    Hi, Dalen !

    If you're going to do that on April 15th, remember to celebrate your Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and Freedom Of Expression! ;)

    Unless, of course, you're living in Berzerk-istan! :rolleyes:

    Robin "Sunny-Side UP!" Hickman :D
  5. Dalen

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    i will indeed be asserting my First amendment rights on April 15th at a Tea Party nearby!
  6. Robin Hickman

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    Ah..... A Conspiracy Theorist, eh ?

    Robin "Don't Want No Alex Jones Comin' 'Round Here" Hickman
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