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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Two Fish, Aug 23, 2010.

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    I am new the the hobby of collecting old American flags and was delighted to come across this forum. I have read it nearly cover-to-cover and greatly appreciate the expertise that so many others have provided.

    I recently purchased a 37 star flag and had it mounted. A picture link is below. I did a lot of research before having it mounted to best preserve the flag while showing it off well. I am very proud of this first effort and it looks fantastic on my wall. I can't wait to get a few more.

    My question is about displaying flags that are larger than framable size. I have seen some great flags with beautiful star patterns but they are just too big to display in any practical frame. For these very large flags is it acceptable to fold the flag inside a frame so that only the blue canton and a bit of the striping shows? It really is the star pattern that I am most interested to see displayed and from an artistic position this would be acceptable. I have found lots of direction about hanging or triangle-folding flags, but none about showing flags in frames. I thought other collectors would be the very best place to ask for opinions. Thank you all.
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    Nice job of framing that flag. For larger flags I have seen where the fly was folded accordion-style numerous times, reducing the length of the fly by half, giving you a nearly square artifact to display. Of course if the flag started out as a 6x10 foot flag, you still end up with a frame that is about 7x7 feet.

    A 4x6 foot flag would give you a 5-foot square frame, somewhat more manageable.

    I have posted a few pics of my antique flags on If you are interested, please see
    American Flags - a set on Flickr

  3. Two Fish

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    Hello Nick,

    That is an incredible collection. Thank you for sharing. It looks like the results of decades of collecting. I'm curious to know how you keep them - is there any special way you both show them off and preserve them in a manner appropriate to their age and beauty?
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    Thank you:D

    Yes, four decades, to be exact. I have been collecting flags for 40 years beginning in 1970 when I was 17.:rolleyes:

    I have framed over 75 of the miniature antique USA flags and flag ribbons, but less than a half-dozen of the larger flags. Just not enough room to display them (in a home I share with a very understanding wife!) :cool:

    The flags not on display are stored variously. 2x3 foot and smaller are in flat-files that hold 24 x 36 inch acid free folders. 3x5 foot flags are rolled and stored in another sort of plan files that were made to store rolled plan sheets. Even larger flags are folded and stored in rubbermaid-type plastic boxes.

    Best of luck to you as you add to your collection.


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