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    I recently purchased a very large American flag at an estate sale. The estate seller, said this was a "NAVAL" flag. It was extremely large, it was around 9 1/2 ft long and 5 ft wide. My question is, how do I know its a "NAVAL" flag? How do you tell?
    Its really nice and I didnt give that much for it.

    My parents gave me a 48 star flag thats the typical 3 X 5 or so, it may be larger, I cant remember the measurements off hand. Were WW2 Military flags issued by QMC? or did they just use the same ones you could buy commerically? I am trying to figure if either is a military flag.

    I dont have pictures yet, but I will try to post some tonight.

    If anyone can help, I greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks again
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    US flags that measure 5x9.5 feet meet the U.S. Navy's Size 8 ensign. While some flags this size may have been used on smaller ships, they are the standard size for internment, or casket flags. Your flag probably was used at the funeral of a relative of the person who sold it to you. What are the markings on the flag's heading?

    During WW II the Navy issued flags to their ships. The flags were made at US Navy Yards in Philadelphia and Mare Island (in San Francisco Bay.) They did not start generally using commercially made flags until after WW II.

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland

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