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  1. frskariot

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    I have been searching everywhere to find an answer to a question. I saw your site and thought you might help.
    What year did public schools start raising the US flag? I'm especially interested in the 1800s history of the flag and how it was displayed. any help would be wonderful
    thank you
  2. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    A google search reveals:
    1812 - In May, the United States flag is flown over the Catamount [Massachusetts] schoolhouse - the first instance of a flag being flown over a public school in the country. Amasa Shippee came up with the idea as a display of Patriotism. The flag was made by Rhoda Shippee and Sophia Willis, Lois Willis, and, Sally Maynard, with the design coming from Amasa Shippee's recollection of the flag he saw in his time in the local militia. The flag pole was knocked over that night by some local Federalists.
  3. kyle82

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    what happens to the american flag if there would be enough privilege that would be given to the other two states.. what if there would be a representation from the congress as they wish to oblige them to be included to the states.. would there be an additional star? :D
  4. NAVA1974

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    When additional states are admitted to the United States (a bill to that effect must pass the houses of Congress and be signed into law by the President) the stars will be added to the flag on the July 4 following the signing of that law. Manufacturers throughout the last 200+ years have "jumped the gun" and added stars as soon as the states were admitted. There are no civil or criminal penalties for adding stars before the "official" July 4 date.
  5. oldglory714

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    Hello everyone, I have two questions on the flag. first one, "When if ever is the flag not flown over the Whitehouse?" and two, "If the flag hits the ground do you have to do anything to the flag?"
  6. NAVA1974

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    Yes, you have to pick it up.

    Seriously. If the flag touches the ground, pick it up off the ground. You do not go to jail. You do not have to burn the flag. Just pick it up. The United States Flag Code tells you that the flag should not touch the ground. There are no penalties for "violating" provisions of the flag code, so just pick up the flag and treat it with respect.

  7. NAVA1974

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    Now the US flag flies over the White House 24/7. At one time the flag may have only flown while the POTUS was in residence, but I guess the Secret Service saw that as a signal to terrorists that it was a good time to attack. The flag staff atop the White House would only be bare when they are changing flags.

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