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    I inherited a 48-Star Flag from the late father. I do not know where he acquired it, but I know he used it for his scout troop during the 1970's and 1980's. It is in not so great condition with many stains on it. It has a label which reads "Glory Gloss,Dettra Flag Products, Made in the USA 53. It has gold fringe around the entire flag and measures 2' x 3'. It also has red/white/blue-striped ribbon which enabled it to be tied to a flag pole. Since it was stained, I was giving it to a co-worker (a member of a scout troop) to be deposed of properly, but another co-worker says it may have some value. He also states it is made out of silk and the stars are lined up in six rows of eight. Any assistance in both value, history, and how to clean it would be greatly appreciated. I do not have the means to post a picture, but will do my best if one is needed upon request. Thank you!!
  2. Hi Philly Lady!

    Thanks for telling us about your flag

    I have a similer 'glory gloss' flag from Dettra - except mine is 5x3 ft and has 50 stars

    Advice on how to clean it would require pictures of the flag
    there is a thread in the 'american flag pictures' forum at the top which gives instructions how to put pictures into your post, alternatavely, click my name in the top left of this post and hit 'send email' and then email the pics to me which I will put on the site.

    Dettra flag co stopped making flags in 1998

    Your co worker mentions that the flag is made from silk
    Glory gloss flags are made of 95% acetate and 5% other fibers (as described on my glory gloss flag)
    its made to look silky for indoor display

    Acetate Fiber - Acetate Staple Fiber, Acetate Filter Tow Fiber, Acetate Textile Filament Fiber a website giving some information how acetate is made and its uses and how to clean it.

    Here's a couple of my glory gloss flag which i pegged up to the curtains... Miss Liberty coulden't help herself.. she always has to pose for a photograph!



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