Rare 21 star flag for sale!!!

Discussion in 'American Flag Pictures' started by jvalley, May 3, 2013.

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    I am the owner of a large 10 ft. by 5 ft 6 in cival war era flag. it has 21 painted stars in the grand star design with the middle star being a large star. The large star has significant damage along with one of the smaller stars. some other stars have splits but are still whole. the flag has had repairs done to it but the repairs are very old too as they were done with the same material as the original flag was made of. With the flag being large i know it is harder to display but with the size of this paticular flag, it could have about 2ft of the flag folded back and it would still appear correct. If anyone has a serious interest for such a flag then feel free to email me at jvalley1977@gmail.com

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