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    Here is a 48 star flag made before June 24, 1912 when President Taft signed the executive order which established
    the proportions of the US flag and provided for arrangement of the stars in six horizontal rows of eight each, in line
    with the others, and each of the stars with the single point upward.

    This flag is wool, 6' x 12' and has six rows of eight stars, but they are staggered; it also has hemp rope loops on the
    fly end instead of grommets, and "flying reinforcement patches" on all four corners. It is in pretty decent shape, with
    only a few small holes and the usual "yellowing" which is common with vintage flags. It was a Naval ship flag, but if
    it ever flew it wasn't for very long because it has no fraying or stretching from flight.

    This is one of my favorites because you don't see too many of this style around and they're pretty rare compared to
    the "usual" 48 star flags with "in-line stars" which are quite abundant. I have another one like this with the same star
    arrangement which is 8' x 14' but with grommets, not the rope fly end.

    [click on photo to enlarge]

    48 STAR 1912.jpg
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    Very nice! Are there any markings on the header?

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    There are some faint, black ink stamps which look like numbers and letters but they are too faded to decypher;
    they look similar to the kind of "stamping" on military type flags.
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    Very good!

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