Real Confederate Naval flag??

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    I am sure there are 100's of posts like this, but pls. humor me guys.. Bought this flag 10-15 yrs ago. Came with an auction manual from 1950's from Shore Galleries in Illinois where the flag is listed just as "confederate flag". Stillhas a shore Galleries tag on the flag.. Additional documentation was a newspaper article explaining the sale of a large collection of civil war relics from a storage locker that had been in a families rental since the 1920's. The article is titled" collection of Civil War artifacts to be Sold for Storage Charges". The collection ,the article states, was from a Union General(decendant of the family who had died, leaving no relatives to claim the locker)who arrived in Chicago in 1885.The article has 4 photos with everything from small cannon,drums a wall full of civil war firearms and the final picture is, the caption states, of the editor of a magazine called Gun Journal standing in a room of artifacts wearing a Union Generals Jacket with this flag in the background and the flag is mentioned in the caption where it states "Confederate Flag in background discontinued in 1864 because it's resemblance to white surrender" The flag measures 74"x61" and the stars are hand stitched. Has what appears to be canvas pocket on end which I take was for a pole? Can anyone here help me figure out if this was a real 1860's flag or just a reenactment flag?? With this documentation would be surprised if it was a new flag..

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    Hi woxTN,
    The birth of the second national flag of the Confederate States was May 1, 1863. It incorporated the beloved battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, then often called the "Virginia flag" onto a long field of white. If this flag is authentic, it has the appearence of being contract made in the Western theater of the War as they often made the Virginia battle flag without the white edging around the blue cross. Also, they sometimes used cotton rather than wool bunting which the CS government used in the East. I like, for instance, the way the stars are sewn on and the size of the flag itself. However I am bugged by the way it was machine sewn. The South did have sewning machines but they were not common but it is the sewning technique that looks suspicious to me. It looks too modern. If you don't mind I would like post this onto another forum that focus on Civil War flags. They consist of several experts that can give us a better assessment.
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    Thank you for the response. Sorry to have posted on this site, thought Flags were Flags, and found this site by doing a search for confederate flags and found a couple threads concerning Civil war flags.. I had no intention of "hijacking" this thread.. Will search out a civil war flag site, or just leave it in the closet for another 15-20 years.... And not sure if I read your comments on cotton or wool correctly, but this flag appears to be made of silk, if not it is the finest,lightest cotton I have ever seen.Then again I have zero knowledge on fabric design, so who knows..... Thank you again..
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    Hello, woxTN !!!

    Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forums!!!

    This is YOUR thread, YOU started it, so don't worry about "hijacking" it!

    CSAANV is a member of more than one "Flag-related" Forum. I think what he was trying to say is that he wanted to post some of this into another forum that focusses more on American Civil War era Flags, where there are more knowledgeable people (experts) who are interested in Flags such as yours. This would increase the chances of you (and us) being able to find out a LOT more about your Flag!

    Thank you!

    Robin Hickman
    ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man")
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    Hi woxTN,
    I am sorry I didn't communicate my thoughts more clearly. My friend Robin is absolutely correct, we want to help you. That is the reason we are here. As Robin said better I would like to repost your post on the Civil War Flags message board. They are clearly the best at assessing these types of relics (they live for examples like yours). I just wanted your permission to do so before I move ahead. I do thank you for posting and eagerly await your response. Also, in your reply you said that the fabric could be silk. It very well could be, I just said that it looked like cotton because from the photograph it has that appearence. Is it possible that it could be a fine linen? If it is indeed silk it would be in remarkable shape. Silk flags from that period have a tendency to "dry rot" and become brittle. Is that the case with the material I see in your photo? Thanks again, we are very happy you did decide to post with us. Who knows, if the flag is authentic it could be a major find in terms of adding to our knowledge of the different types of Confederate flags.
    Warmest regards,
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    This is a cotton flag. It is a beautiful flag, but it would not be for Naval use. Cotton absorbs water and was not a choice for maritime use. Wool has been used for maritime flags since the 18th century at least and probably before.
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    p.s.: Flags are never made of linen, except for sometimes the hoist and the thread. The body or the stars in my experience.
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    OK, I have looked all through the Flag Forum and I see nothing called the Civil War Flag Message Board. How does one find that?
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