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    I have removed my flag from display & replaced it w/a new one periodically. The old ones are always only tattered on the end, & I feel bad disposing of them.

    Can I sew the ends to repair them & still use them even tho the length will be shorter than originally made?

    The stars are always intact, so can the union section be used for a pillow top or stored behind glass in a frame?

    I don't want to offend Old Glory, the Nation, or those who have defended her or are defending her now. I would/could ask neighboring veterans, but I'm embarrassed in not knowing the answer myself. Can anyone advise me?
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    One of the reasons the official dimensions of United States flag are 10x19 is so the fly end can, indeed, be trimmed off and re-hemmed and the flag placed back into service. Flags that are already 2x3 in proportion, however, risk becoming perfectly square if you do this too often.

    One of the jobs of the official upholsterer to the United States Capitol here in Washington, DC, is to mend the huge flags that fly over the East and West fronts of the building, and over the two houses of Congress. (These flags are not to be confused with the hundreds of smaller flags raised for a few seconds on four flag poles, lowered, folded, boxed, and mailed to constituents with a Certificate.)

    So go ahead and repair your flag - that is just what our new president is trying to do to the country. Let's just hope his stitching lasts in the breeze.

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