Red and white flag and 162 Stars,

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  1. TokenGimp

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    Hello, I'm a new member that recently purchased a flag at an auction and I have never seen one like it. This looks like the best place to have it ID'd.

    It is a large flag 6'W X 9'L with and has a 20" red border surrounding a white center. The center contains 162 stars (161 blue and 1 gold). The blue stars are arranged 8 x 20 with 2 below the first row, the 1 gold and 1 blue are column centered.
    The flag appears to be made with cotton, linen or possibly hemp. It's in good shape although slightly yellowed from age and has a couple moth holes. I'm not sure how it should be folded, or anything else about it. Can anyone help identify this one?

    I want to be sure it is properly cared for.

    Thank you.
  2. NAVA1974

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    Your flag is a World War I or II "Service Flag." Each blue star represents on person serving in the armed forces, and the gold star represents a person killed in action. These flags are commonly found with one or two blue stars and were hung in the windows of homes. Your flag was made for a factory, a city/town, or some other large organization that sent a lot of its members to the war effort. For more info on service flags see
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    THANK YOU. I'll try now to track down the Namesake for the Gold Star.

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