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    "REVEILLE" (The Movie)

    I first ran across "Reveille" a couple of years ago. I thought it was such a GREAT little (short) movie, that I put it up on my MySpace page (along with the classic, "Bambi vs. Godzilla"!). I removed it about a year ago.

    I just watched "Reveille" again on YouTube and it made me laugh (again) and smile (again) and kind of "mist up" (again). So I put it back up on my MySpace page (again).

    Well, I'm TRYING to put it back on MySpace! It seems to be taking an awful l-o-n-g time to upload! :eek:

    DONE !

    Anyway... IF you want to watch it on my "Vids" page on MySpace you can go HERE :


    If, for some strange reason you are unable to use that link, you can go to my page and click on the "My Videos" link right below my picture :


    OR, if you want to stay away from MySpace, you can watch it right where I watched it for the very first time : YouTube !!!


    The movie, "REVEILLE" is about 11:30 long if you watch it all the way through the end of the credits.

    I really love this little movie. But there is something in it that keeps bugging me every time I watch it. It's clearly an "error" that somehow made it through the editing process. It doesn't really detract from the movie for me. It just bugs me a little, that's all. :rolleyes:

    Perhaps you'll spot it too. It happens several times throughout the movie, so you'll have multiple times to see it.

    Anyway, here's the little descriptive blurb I wrote for it on MySpace :

    " REVEILLE is a GREAT Veterans' Video!!!

    It shows some Veteran-style inter-service rivalry "one-upsmanship" that is poignant & funny.

    This video should appeal to ANY Veteran, regardless of which branch of the military they served in!!!

    GO NAVY !! "

    Well, I've got about 100 Flags to post all aroung Springfield, Oregon so I'd better get crackin' !!!

    Y'all have a safe & sane Memorial Day and remember it's the National Day of
    Remembrance. So take a minute or two at 3:00 PM (local time) to reflect on the meaning of the Day however you may choose to do so.

    Fair Winds & Following Seas, :D

    Robin "Flag Flyin' Fool" Hickman
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    Howdy !

    For some reason the video for "Reveille" on my MySpace page is only 3:52 long. I do NOT know why it got cut-off, and i don't have time to "fix it" right now.

    I'll try to fix it later today AFTER I've posted the Flags. In the mean time, I know the YouTube copy of "Reveille" works just fine. So IF you want to watch it go there :


    Sorry for the FUBAR situation !

    Talk To You Later !

    Robin Hickman
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    Hello, AGAIN !!!

    I was unable to "FIX" the "Reveille" video I had posted on my MySpace page, so I deleted the sucker! It might have "goofed up" during the uploading process as it was a copy that I had "converted" from FLV to WMV. So I uploaded the "original" that I had on my harddrive. The process went a whole LOT faster and it seems to have gotten the ENTIRE 11:29 of the video !!!

    SEE for yourself !!!


    BTW : If you go watch "Reveille" on my MySpace page, remember to give it a big THUMBS UP !!! The "Thumbs Up" isn't for me. It's for REVEILLE !!! :D

    Robin "WHAT? Is It Time To Wake Up, ALREADY?" Hickman :eek:
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    awesome it make me laugh
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    Nice Robin.

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