Rivals determined to end an era in style

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    Hanging on the walls at the entrance to the S,u"kru" Sarac,og(lu Stadium in Istanbul are a series of posters depicting the winners of each UEFA Cup final stretching back to Tottenham Hotspur FC's inaugural triumph in 1972. As FC Shakhtar Donetsk and Werder Bremen vie to become the 38th and last name to be added to that honours list before the competition becomes the UEFA Europa League, an era is coming to a close and the coaches of both sides expect to bring the curtain down in style.(c) uefa.com
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    This sports update has been brought to you by Abdul, the "Bulbul Amir" !

    So, remember folks, if you want to get the IDEAL USED CAMEL, come to Abdul, the Bulbul Amir's, USED CAMELOT !!! :D

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled Flags Program !!!

    Robin Hickman
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    Sports and Flags do go together sometimes! Go RED SOX!


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