roughly what year is my 48 star STERLING WOOL BUNTING 5x9

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by littorio, May 27, 2013.

  1. littorio

    littorio New Member

    i bought a large 5x9 48 star flag (for $50) that is now on display in my WWII hobby room. i know nothing about flag collecting, but wanted a 48 star flag for this room because it fits the WWII era theme. my hopes are that it is dated WWII era or before, but i cant seem to nail it down. i have a label stitched on it that says " STERLING REG. U.S. PAT OFF FAST COLOR DOUBLE WARP ALL WOOL BUNTING" . the flag seems to be all wool (as it feels like burlap) i have discovered through this site that "sterling" is a wool brand from annin co. and that its possible that most wool flags are from roughly 20's to mid 40'........correct? It also seems that im in the ball park as far as $ value as well....true?i will post pictures shortly, but in the meantime can anyone tell me roughly what era or years this flag may have been produced, and what uses it may have had? (also should mention it had 2 brass rings for hanging , but only one is left....probably wasn't an internment flag ,unless it was and someone decided to fly it ) Any help here would be appreciated, give me a full history lesson!
  2. littorio

    littorio New Member

    IMAG1010.jpg IMAG1012.jpg

    Here are the pics,,,any clues to rough dates??
  3. csaanv

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    Nice flag! I would say pre-WW2 (1920-1940) but that is only a guess. Maybe the other guys can zero in a bit closer.
  4. NAVA1974

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    Annin first used the "Sterling" brand name sometime between 1907 and 1914. It is also offered in their 1923 an 1933 catalogs. Wool became less popular after new materials like Nylon and other synthetics were introduced after WW II so I will agree with Csaanv's range.

  5. littorio

    littorio New Member

    the "Sterling" tag on this flag threw me off because it is so colorful, clean , and fresh looking the i assumed it couldn't be that old.....then again i know nothing about flag history. i have searched online and have seen a lot of "sterling" labels...but all of them are all blue embroidery or ink stamps, i cant seem to find any examples like mine. what do you all think this flag was used for? Internment,private home use, official...etc?
  6. csaanv

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    Is it exactly 5' x 9' or 5' x 9.5' ? The latter is closer to the government specs so I would say it could be a internment flag.
  7. littorio

    littorio New Member

    it measures 9',5" x 5'

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