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    Stroudsburg ASD Flags.jpg
    Can you spot the errors at this school flag display? Since these two flag poles are at the same height, the US flag should be to the observer's left with the state flag to the observer's right. Apparently the flag custodian inappropriately attempted to show the state flag in a subordinate position by lowering it below the US flag, and may have misinterpreted the US Flag Code ยง 7(c) No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America...(The US flag's own right).

    People often believe that when the US flag is flown with other subordinate flags, the US flag should always be flown higher out of respect. What often is not understood is that when the US flag is flown with other flags on adjacent flag poles of equal height, the flag position to the observer's left is the superior position.

    This same senario was repeated at this elementary school.

    School Flags.jpg
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    Hi, FlagAdvocate!

    In the first picture it looks to me (at least from the angle that the picture was taken), that not only is the flagpole (on the right) that the U.S. Flag is flying from a little taller (probably an optical illusion cause by the slant of the roofline behind the poles), but it also looks like the U.S. Flag is bigger than the State Flag flying on the left-hand flagpole. If both flagpoles really ARE the same height, then at least the school custodian TRIED to make things right by lowering the State Flag.

    But, no, they should be switched and flown at the same height.

    Same thing with the 2nd picture: switch 'em around!

    Maybe a "gentle" word to the wise might "fix" things? Maybe?

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    I was able to contact the Principal of the Donald E. Shick Elementary School and she was thankful for the advice to switch the flags and to fly both at full-staff. See the photo attached for the resulting proper display.
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    close up.jpg

    I cropped and enhanced the upper photo so that it more clearly shows the flag poles are the same height and the veterans memorial plaque is visible behind the flag poles.

    I have made contact with the Superintendent of the school district. He explained that the flags are arranged so that the display is correct to an observer standing in the area of the memorial plaque so as not to disrespect the memorial and the veterans it honors. I sent a photo to the national Hq of the VFW and the American Legion for their advice which I passed on to the Superintendent. Both the VFW and American Legion advised switching the flag positions and to fly both at full-staff. I have yet to see any change in the display, but I'll post any change if it occurs.

    Bill Jameson
    Vet & Flag Advocate
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    GREAT Job, Bill !!!


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