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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Jim Manley, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Jim Manley

    Jim Manley New Member

    What is the protocol for displaying a mourning flag at a school when a student has died. Does the principla of the school have the discretion of adding a mourning flag to the American flagpole? Would appreciate any input on the use of mourning flags.

  2. epsolon77

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    I am surely not the best person to answer, but as no one else has I will give it a go.

    As I understand it flags show morning when they are at half mast. The only person that can authorize the flying of a flag at half mast is the head of that organization. Aka, the President can authorize the U.S Flag to be flown at half mast. A Governor can authorize their state flag to be flown at half mast, but not the U.S Flag. The other important fact here is that no flag can be higher than a flag of greater importance. So the U.S Flag is always higher than the State flag, and the State flag is always higher than the school flag.

    So in short, the best honor would be for the Principal to order the School flag flown at half mast, while the US Flag and the State flag should be frown at full mast.

    Please people I am not an expert. If I am incorrect or use terminology incorrectly, PLEASE correct me.
  3. Jim Manley

    Jim Manley New Member

    Thank you for that information. The governors do have the right to order the US Flag at half-staff. However, I also see the unauthorized flying of the flag at half-staff at schools. As tragic as it is when a student or teacher passes away, the American flag should not be flown at half-mast. You are right, fly the school flag at half-mast if you must. The flag is also lowered for far too many politicians who pass away. The flag flown at half-staff has a meaning and should be respected and not used at someone's whimsy.

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