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Discussion in 'Half Mast / Half Staff' started by KathyJB, May 11, 2011.

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    I'm sorry, but it doesn't seem right that a school would have to ask permission of the Governor to fly their flag at half staff for a former student who lost their life in Afghanistan. My flag has been at half staff since I found out he passed away. This young man signed up after graduating. I read the rules that stated I was not under any law that denies me of flying my flag at half staff for this young man. Even if their was, I would do this in remembrance of him.
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    KathyJB: Have to agree with you. The only thing is that it will be confusing to some who see and then they wonder what dignitary died. I think I show my age at times because I was used to only the President calling half staff and then when Governors were allowed for Public Servants such as fire and police I then would be confused because my first thought was always what Gov't dignitary died. The US Flag Code is essentially only a guide, you cannot be prosecuted for doing something not in the guide. I applaud your wish to honor anyone who has given the ultimate sacrifice for our beliefs and in the service of our country! Let your conscience be your guide. Mike
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    Hi, KathyJB!

    As Mike pointed out, there is no rule that prevents you from flying your own flag at half staff. (There's also no rule that says you must do so -- the presidental proclamations on the subject are usually worded to to direct government entities to half-staff their flags, and urge others to follow suit.)

    The situation with the school may be just a bit different. Again, there is no law that says that they have to get the Governor's permission. Howerer, if it's a public school there may be some sort of local regulation on the subject. It's also possible that the school administration is misinterpreting a recent change to the flag code that allows state governors to direct half-staffing for service members. The revision says that governors can so direct, but doesn't say that you need the governor's permission to do so on your own.

    Peter Ansoff
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    T^he school can always have the option of lowering a school flag.

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