Shadow boxes and American Flags

Discussion in 'Other US Flag Etiquette' started by thankyouvets, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Hi, and thank you in advance for any help in this matter. I am wondering what the proper way to display an American flag in a shadow box is. I took one to a national chain and they gave it back to me with the flag underneath the certificate of authenticity ( it was flown over Baghdad by American troops and given as a gift) I took it back to get it changed and was told nothing was wrong and that's the way it is. It just doesn't feel right to me. What is the proper way?
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    Whatever happened to "the customer is always right?" The question of whether the certificate should hide part of the flag is not really one of proper flag display, in my opinion. You are honoring the flag and those who served it by creating that display. The framing company should frame it the way you want it to be framed. If you are not satisfied, go higher up in the company's management. Since the certificate probably has a lot of information on it that you want displayed, it makes sense to show the whole thing. Nothing is lost, again in my opinion, if a few stars are hidden by part of the certificate.

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