Sheldon Cooper presents Fun With Flags: Questions and Comments

Discussion in 'Flag Books and Media' started by USAFlags, Jan 27, 2012.

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    I see. I didn't notice that Washington actually requires the seal to be applied to both sides (WAC 434-04-017). Obviously, there are plenty of states with a seal or coat of arms on their flag. I didn't know any states required it be correct on both sides.
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    Sheldon is back at it. There was another "blink and you'll miss it" Fun with Flags taping on the 2/21/13 episode of Big Bang Theory. Same setup: Sheldon on his sofa talking to his camcorder with a whiteboard behind him with the "show title" flanked with the Unites States and the apartment flags. He does show the Nebraska state flag, but in this case the point of the scene is to show once again how socially inept he is, leading Penny to try to help him by giving him some pointers she is learning in acting school.

    His delivery on the Nebraska flag was stereotypical stuffy documentary writer "how can I make this any more boring".
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    I think that is especially appropriate for the Nebraska state flag. I don't see how you can make it any more boring.

    Columbia Maryland
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  5. I was slow in catching on to Big Bang and now I love watching it. The Fun with Flags was hilarious as well as the apartment flag.

    In one other (possibly earlier?) episode, I believe it was the one where Sheldon got a red light ticket and was going to court to contest it, he spoke about complaining about the order in which they displayed the 3 flags outside a government building. I am delighted to hear so many flag references in a TV series!
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    Not to 'pooh pooh' the idea that people may be more interested in flags because of a
    Although I am a confirmed vexillogist I know our interests in fluttering fabrics is unusual to main stream interests. Doesn't it beg the question that the writers of the BBT are marginalising our enthusiasm for flags and presenting our community as being nerdy? flags preceded many hobby interests that seem to be accepted as the norm.
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    Is Sheldon Cooper an an aristocrat? Given the surname Cooper and that he has a flag of a golden lion on a field of azure could he be related to the Ashley-Coopers of Anglo Irish aristocracy? The AC family heraldic shield has a rampant lion that is above a gold and azure Scottish cross.
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    Hmmmmm . . . . . :cool:

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