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    A bit of information about aaamericana. First of all I am a very Patriotic American otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. While not a military veteran I am very active in patriotic projects in an around my hometown of Scandinavia, Wisconsin. Just south of us is the Veteran's Home at King which is residence for approximately 700 veterans and their wifes. Both my parents passed away there. Each week, for the past 3 1/2 years, I take my dog there where we walk through the four buildings visiting with the veterans. I look forward the each visit. I've made numerous friends. Many of them know my dog, Honey, by name. I have also put together a book for our local American Legion post of the veterans who served from the end of World II to date. I was also the organizer of our local Patriotic American Days. I don't mean to sound like a braggard but wanted to let you know how I personally feel about our country. On another note, and here's is where I would like some input from other patriotic Americans, is a "Flag Watch" that is in the process of being organized. At last year's military show held in Iola, a friend of mine were discussing how terrible it is that many of the flags we see displayed, not only by individuals but also businesses, are in such deplorable condition. We thought these people should be made aware of proper flag etiquette and perhaps they would then take measures to correct the situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share any thoughts you might have on the "Flag Watch."
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