Shouldn't American flags be "Made in America"?

Discussion in 'Flags in the News' started by 80/20 USA, Apr 8, 2015.

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    A lot of news outlets in Florida have been debating over a Florida government Bill called the "All-American Flag Act" which will require all state government agencies to only buy American flags "Made in America". Sources: Tampa Bay and Orlando Sentinel

    I think it's critical this Bill gets passed in Florida as it can open the door for other states to do the same. If you agree would you sign this petition to support American flags "Made in America"?

    It's ridiculous that our state and federal buildings raise American flags stamped with "Made in China," a communist country that dismisses many of America's values and freedoms.

    What do you think, is this Bill good or bad?
  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, 80/20!

    Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forum!

    I know that there are other States who've officially adopted the "Made In USA" requirement for the procurement of Flags for their State's use. Wisconsin is one State that comes to mind. I would guess that most (if not all) States have a similar "Made In USA" requirement (written, or unwritten) for the purchase and use of Flags in their State. The "Made In USA" requirement (written or unwritten) may not (or may) be, listed as part of the State's Constitution, or their "State Code" of Rules & Regulations, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

    I own a variety of Flags made by a number of "Made In USA" U.S. Flag Manufacturers. I also own a number of imported Flags, mostly from China, but also from Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian Countries. There is absolutely NO CONTEST between the Flags made in the USA and those that I own that were made in Asia. None! I know that there are a great many OTHER countries who have Flag Manufacturers, but since I don't knowingly own any of their Flags, I cannot honestly comment on their quality.

    Anybody who has handled a few Flags "Made In USA" AND those made in China, KNOWS that the ones made in the USA are FAR superior in materials and construction. This includes people who work in the government, whether it's City, County, State, or Federal Government. Since a large number, maybe a majority, of Governmental workers are also Veterans, I doubt if ANY Flag made in China would "pass muster", if you know what I mean.

    Flags "Made In USA" are made a LOT better, look a LOT better, and last a whole LOT longer than Flags made in China. Period!

    Does Florida, or any other State, actually "need" a State statute that requires that all of the Flags it uses be "Made In USA"? No, not really. Will the Florida Legislature pass a law to do so, and will the Governor sign it into law? Of course! What politician would publicly vote AGAINST "Made In USA"???

    The BIG question NOW is, will Florida pass a law that requires ALL of those "Made In USA" Flags be marked with labels, tags, stickers, stamps, or stencils that are ALSO "Made In USA", and NOT imported from China ???

    Thank You for bringing your Flag-related question to our Forum, 80/20!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    That's where the question gets complicated, do we no longer allow "non-USA Made" American flags even for the average Joe shopping at Wal-Mart? I've heard other people ask why we allow our flag to be converted into clothing, underwear, and swim suits. It's hard to say, but I definitely think the federal government and all state and local governments should not be allowed to procure American flags made anywhere but America. Any agency that fails to comply with said law should be fined (which would go directly to our Veterans).

    It's just common sense, the American flag in a government building should be American Made. Additionally it's about American jobs and not letting ever facet of our life be comprised of foreign made products. I've said it many times, there's simply not enough desk jobs to go around, we have to have factory jobs.

    Thanks Robin
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    Hi, 80/20 USA !

    Various levels of Governments, and their agencies, will most likely keep "buying American" wherever they can, whether they "have to" or not, especially when it comes to U.S., State, and Local Flags. They might even pass legislation that directs them to do so.

    I rather doubt that the "government" would actually be able to make its citizens "Buy American" if they don't want to, or can't afford to.

    Anyway, no matter which way the Florida "Flag" vote goes, have a GREAT Spring & Summer!

    And remember to fly your Flag!!!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    I understand that a few years ago a Chinese flag manufacturer proposed selling his Chinese-made USA flags along with labels that read "MADE IN USA." He proposed that as long as the label was sewn onto the flag in the USA that meant the flag was completed in the United States and was indeed "made in America." The US-based flag manufaturers told him where he could go with that idea...

    Nick A
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    Honestly, i never knew the Flag was not made in the US.

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