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  1. I know this is getting into a bit of detail but I am stumped for an explanation and thought I would ask here.

    Most stars are placed point up especially on everything after 1912. I have come across a star pattern that has me puzzled. There is a very rare star pattern for a 25 star flag called a Sea Ensign. I assume it is for Navy vessels. The 25 star flag existed less than a year and I believe the normal star field layout was a 5 x 5 square.

    Here is a drawing of the 25 star sea ensign.


    I am accepting that this flag probably existed but have no confirmation of that.

    Looking at the design, I am puzzled about the way the middle star is oriented at an angle. Is there any reason the star would be oriented like that on purpose?
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    Hi CapeFearPirate,
    Is this your next sewing project? Concerning the star orientation, I believe it was just a different age and how folks looked at things. Since the early 19th century was mostly pre-industrial, products were not mass produced perhaps they were not concern about getting things perfect and ordered but just functional. I really like that look, it is more organic.

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    That's an interesting pattern, CFP! Where did you run across it? Also was the term "Sea Ensign" actually used in a historical reference or some such thing?

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    Peter A.
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    We need to ask Dave Martucci where he found a flag of that pattern. He shows that as the example for 25 star flags here: Official United States Flags

    Nick Artimovich
    Columbia Maryland
  5. Thanks for the replies! I am indeed making it as my next project. I will post a picture of the finished project on the General Discussion area. I decided to make it more symmetrical, a pet peeve on mine, I guess. I really appreciate the information everyone shares here!

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