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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by pcg222222, Sep 16, 2008.

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    I am a resident of Indiana and have flown the U.S. flag in front of my house almost immediantly after it was built (and have served under it as well). I am considering flying my state flag above the U.S. flag in the event that Barrack Obama wins the presidency. I'm not doing it out of mere spite, I genuinely feel that if most of America thinks that people like Obama and liberals in general make this country, (or have made this country), what it is today; then I have a valid disconnect from them.

    I will continue to fly the U.S. flag for what it means to me, but am starting to feel a stronger, prouder connection to my great state and its people. The meaning of the flag as a symbol for our country is steadily being eroded by many who think we need to change into something we were never intended to be. I simply will not go along.

    As I understand it, after doing research, the U.S. Flag Code, as wonderful as an idea as it was, is only a guideline. Is this correct? Are there any enforceable laws or statutes, state or federal, that would legally require me to return the U.S. Flag atop?

    The way I see it, if the U.S. Supreme Court can conclude that "flag burning" is constitutionally protected under the 1st amendment; then I can't imagine simply flying it under the my state flag would not be.

    Please advise....

    Thank you,

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    I don't think that it is illegal to fly the sate flag over the US flag. It may get you some negative comments from neighbors and passers by, however.

    I personally believe that the flag should not be used as a political statement. I believe it dishonors those who died for it and it erodes the idea that the flag represents every American, whether they are liberal, conserative, green orange or whatever.

    It's your flag too and you are free to express yourself as you wish. I just hope you will consider another way of expressing your idea. Something more to the point, perhaps.
  3. i agree gringo!

    if i saw somebody flying a state flag ove the US flag... id be knockin on their door askin them to change it around!

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