Tenn. Civil War Flag

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    This recently came in to a pawn shop around me and it looks interesting. I have been scouring forums and I think I have come to my own conclusion about the piece. I wanted to post it here, because if I miss something this large, I would never let that down.

    So it looks to be a first national flag that has 7 stars. There is a 5 and a Tenn. I am assuming this is supposed to be for the 5th Tenn. regiment.

    After scouring all of the flag forums, I have come to the conclusion that it is fake for the following reasons.

    1. The side is torn up artificially vs. actual wind damage
    2. The Tenn. looks like it is painted on with a stencil
    3. The stars edges are all thready
    4. The construction is not the best

    If you could confirm this, I would like to put this to bed.


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  2. Tom Cardaropoli

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    Most definitely looks like a fake to me but could not tell for sure without seeing it in hand. If your observations are correct (especially the first 2) then I would say fake.

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