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Discussion in 'Flag Books and Media' started by Union Jack, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Union Jack

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    I have just watched the 2nd series of 'The Crown' on Netflix and noticed that the Royal Ensign that was flown on HMS Brittania during its 1956 grand global tour was the pre 1800 Ensign. I just couldn't believe my eyes to such a glaring gaffe in the props department of such a multi million $/£ production. I know I'm a flag geek but this is beyond the pale. It really narks me when this happens. Is there anyone out there in flag land whom has come across similar discrepancy instances of movies/ tv flag depictions?

  2. Union Jack

    Union Jack Member

    Just to clarify the above post and not confuse people I meant to state the White Ensign not the Royal Ensign. I still am flabbergasted by such a blatant gaffe. Bloody terrible.

  3. Peter Ansoff

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    I've been amazed over the years by the number of professionally-built ship models I've seen with incorrect versions of the British ensign. Usually, however, the problem seems to be the other way; the post-1800 ensign is used on pre-1800 ships. Particular culprits are the Bounty and Captain Cook's exploration ships, which are common modeling subjects. I have much the same reaction -- how could the modeler do detailed research about his subject and still get the flag wrong?
  4. Union Jack

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    I thought I had got passed noticing wrong depictions of flags and getting annoyed but this, otherwise good historical series, takes the biscuit. What next the Mayflower displaying the White Star Line flag?

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