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Discussion in 'Other US Flag Etiquette' started by azcamper, Jun 4, 2007.

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    A HoA stated the flag could not be flown at night unless it was lit. This was during the Memorial day weekend. It was a small, 4X6 flag hung from a garage door, with no lighting available. Question is, is it wrong to be politicaly correct, or wrong to patriotic?

    Could someone please answer this question for me, and what is the right thing to do....thanks
  2. it is in the flag code that your shouldent fly the US flag at night in the dark without it being lit up so people can see it..

    in the case of it being hung outside on a garage door its not on a flagpole so in effect your not flying it... but hanging it... but is there really any point having it outside in the dark where nobody can see it is there??
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    Thanks for the reply and the info! Plus you make a very good point!

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