The Love Of U.s Flag By A Non American

Discussion in 'American Flag History' started by Moustafa, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Moustafa

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    How common is it for a non American to fall in love litterraly of Star Spangled Banner and afterwards the U.S flag?
  2. i don't know...!
    I dont see anybody here in the UK, that loves the US flag, or the Statue of Liberty, or the USA in general- as much as I do!

    I am completely in love with the American Flag - quite literally!
    I have just over 100 American flags, and all manner of patriotic items, with flags on them. The flag pattern appears frequently on my outfits and clothing. I have a custom made attachment on my push bike handlebar, so that I can attach a specially made flagpole, with the american flag on it.

    The Statue of Liberty- i have alot of pictures and books on her, a few collectables, and a 7ft 5 tall Statue of Liberty in my bedroom. I am also the only member of the Statue of Liberty Club here in the UK

    And as you can see.. I am a moderator and have made plenty of posts here on this site since November 06, when i discovered it :)

    I wonder - what brings you to ask such a question?
  3. fast1

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    haha i too got a statue of liberty in my bedroom, not as tall as yours though. its was a gift from my friend in america[​IMG]
  4. Oh nice! - I have several statues of liberty around my house... 4 in total I think!

    and i have just over 100 American flags..

    So- do you love the american flag too?

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