Three Flagpoles In Triangle Display (U.S., State, Municipal)

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    Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to get your opinions on the arrangement of flags by a local municipal government in my area. I've read the old threads on this board that address three flagpoles in a triangle:

    I've also read other blog posts that deal with flag and flagpole placement:
    The Daily Flag » Blog Archive » Why is it so hard to fly the U.S. flag right? Part II

    The City of Brentwood (Missouri) has two triangle flagpole displays. The first is in front of City Hall, and it looks like this:
    As you can see, the U.S. flag is in the center. This appears correct since the center flagpole is taller, despite being farther back (closer to the building). However, it appears that the State and Municipal flags are placed incorrectly. The City's flag is on the left (when facing the building) and the State flag is on the right (when facing the building). I thought it should be the other way around, as shown in this illustration from Flag Frequently Asked Questions:

    A triangle three-flag display in Saint Louis follows the guidelines:

    The second is in front of the Police Station, and it looks like this:
    Here the placement of the flags is the same, but the placement of the flagpoles is slightly different. Here, the U.S. flag is on the center flagpole. However, the center flagpole is the same height and only slightly farther forward (farther from the building/closer to the street). Once again, the State and municipal flags are in the same position as City Hall.

    Am I correct in my assessment of how the U.S., State, and Municipal flags should fly? I have seen a few other three-flag displays with a municipal or corporate flag on the left and the State flag on the right (when viewing them from the street). During the summer months with the patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day), many newspapers and media outlets publish "guides" for flag display that are little more than a cut-and-paste from the Flag Code or veterans group website. I know the U.S. Government and Military have detailed rules. Here in Missouri, the Office of Administration has a guide for State departments and agencies ( Policy REVISED 10-29-08.pdf).

    Is there an illustrated flag display guide for municipal governments, planners, and architects? Looking through the old posts on this board, and local government buildings, it seems like there might be a need for one. A guide that deals with displays of three or more flags might be especially useful.
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    I am new to this forum and had a question re: this thread.

    We are installing three new flag poles in front of our comapnay building, and have room for a traingular display pattern. We were wanting to place the center flag pole (30 foot height) closest to the building and furthest from the street, in the triangle pattern. The two other flag poles (25 foot height) would be closest to the street. Of course, the US Flag would be in the center and flying on the taller flag pole, and the State flag to it's right and the company flag to the left of the State flag.

    Is this acceptable to have the US flag in back vs. in front?

    I cannot see the pictures mentioned above, so am not sure.

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    You can read the US flag etiquette by visiting . We have a office in Austin names FMEModules and have US Flag in front and office Flag in back side.
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    Mike T,
    Your post is dated June 14, 2016. By now (July 26th), have you already installed your preferred triangular display with the taller center pole (US flag) closest to your building? If yes, rest assured it is just as acceptable to have the taller US flag pole in back of the triangular display vs. in front, although it can be argued that the US flag is in a more prominent and "leading" position in front, closest to the street. Can you explain why your post stated that "we were wanting to place the center pole closest to the building and furthest from the street"? Why would that be your preferred position?

    I have attached a photo of a triangular display in my home town which has the taller US flag pole closest to the host building.
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