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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by irishardy, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. irishardy

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    I work for a General Contractor and we have recently been told that our flagpole placement at a recently completed jobsite is incorrect. After much research, I believe that it is more a flag placement issue, not a flagpole issue. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    We have three 30' poles. The center pole is positioned 2'-8" BEHIND, or further away from the road than, the two other poles in a flat triangular position. A sign sits in between the three poles.

    The Owner installed the US flag on the center pole, which from a distance was seen be a passerby as being "lower" than the state flag and company flag.

    Please help us determine if we need to address the poles (get a taller one in the middle), or simply move the flag position.

  2. irishardy

    irishardy New Member

    I believe that I found a previously posted link that helps. But feel free to further comment. Thank you.
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    Placing 3 equal-height poles in a triangular position really makes it difficult for you to position the US flag properly. Technically, it should still go on the pole that is furthest to the left (the flag's own right) but that puts a lower status flag at the apex of the triangle, and the third flag in the sequence (on the pole furthest to the right) looks taller than the central flag.

    My suggstion is to saw off 12 inches from the center pole and 24 inches from the right-most pole. Then the USA flag is on the tallest pole (and also in the position of honor) and the other two flags are clearly subservient to the US flag.

  4. irishardy

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    We found the "Flag poles installed wrong at City library" thread to be most helpful. We have suggested that our Owner utilize this method of display (US Flag on left, State flag at other forward pole, and company flag at the back). But yes, we have entertained the idea of mechanically changing the pole heights.

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