three poles same height.

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    I need some help. I am currently in a debate with a business who are flying old glory, the Tennessee state flag and their business banner. As of now old glory is to the left when facing the building the Tennessee flag is in the center and the business banner is to the right. All flags and banners are the same height.

    I argue that old glory should be centered and the highest.

    The company claims under us flag code section 7, lines c and e that poles of equal height the old glory should be to the extreme left and equal hight with all flags and banners.

    I read all of section 7 and can't figure how they are getting this.
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    The company is correct. As you face the building, the point of honor is to the left, not in the center. The USA flag would only go on the middle pole if it were the tallest of the three. Nick A. Columbia. MD
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    I agree with Nick. Based on your description, the company is flying the flags correctly.

    Section 7(c):
    No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, except during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea, when the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for the personnel of the Navy. No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to or in place of the flag of the United States or any Territory or possession thereof: Provided, That nothing in this section shall make unlawful the continuance of the practice heretofore followed of displaying the flag of the United Nations in a position of superior prominence or honor, and other national flags in positions of equal prominence or honor, with that of the flag of the United States at the headquarters of the United Nations.

    When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak. When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the United States flag’s right.

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