Transition period from 48 to 50 star flags

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    I recollect that when I started college in 1959 we were in a transition period for flags because of the recent additions of Hawaii and Alaska states. And even in the early 60s to mid-60s, I recall that we still had a 48-star flag on the wall at our hockey rink at Cornell. I also recall that there were quite a few retrofit flags around in that period wherein manufacturers had rather crudely sewn two additional stars onto the bottom row of a 48-star flag. Was there any governmental authority or sanction for such flags? I am surprised that I was unable to find any discussion of this subject on this forum, nor any pictures of this 'uglified' flag. BTW, I do not recall ever seeing a flag with only one retrofit star, because the period between the admission of the 49th and 50th state was rather brief.
  2. I will venture an opinion about your questions concerning the transitional period of the 48 to 60 star flag.

    There was a flag act approved in 1912 that spelled out the specifications for the flags we use since that time, so, yes, there is an official specification. Prior to this, I have seen examples of flags that had added stars to keep up with the new states that were added. I believe you can see examples here:

    I've used this site to get ideas for making some unusual American flag designs for my own collection.

    The period between the Alaska and Hawaii statehood was very short and there are still quite a few 49 star flags available but they are getting pricey.

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