Treausery department official usa 48 stars flag

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    SPARTAN New Member

    Hello to all of you and many many thanks to Peter Ansoff for his kind assistance.

    I have an Official USA 48 stars flag of the Treasury Department.
    It is a large size flag 5.14 X 9.77 Feet ( No 7 ? ) and I think that is of wool or cotton.
    Flag stamped in black " U.S TREASURY DEP - 5.14 X 9.77 FT ".
    As 48 stars flag cover a long period of use (1912-1959), I will very appreciate any useful information
    about the aprox. estimation years of use, specific use, rarity. importance and how much is worth.
    Photos are provided below.

    Many thanks in advance & best regards


    PICT0227sm1.jpg PICT0230sm1.jpg PICT0229sm1.jpg Picture 140sm1.jpg
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  2. csaanv

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    Hi Spartan,
    Thank you for sharing the photos of your flag. I can see from the close up that your flag is made of cotton. The cotton material they used has a tighter weave than wool bunting. Wool bunting was being phased out after WW2 and was mostly used by the armed forces during the War. Because of the exactness of the size stamp (5.14 x 9.77 Ft") and because of the type of cotton, this heavy weight cotton was the common flag fabric in the 1950s, I would suggest that it would be post WW2 at least if not 1950s.
  3. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    I could not see what the attachment fittings were, but it looked like they might be cordage loops, which would indicate a maritime context. It's a long shot, but might this be a Coast Guard ensign? The CG was under the Treasury Department until 1967.
  4. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    You have good eyes for details Peter. That is a great question. I would not dismiss that suggest out of hand, In fact it is very possible. I have seen a lot of flags in my years of collecting and I have learned to never say never. The issue is that cotton made for horrible naval ensigns because it stretches so badly when it gets wet, so the Navy rarely used them and the flag in question surely looks like cotton to me but I could be wrong. Does anyone think it could be wool bunting? On the other hand I have never seen rope loops on a flag for a government office on land.

    SPARTAN New Member

    Dear friends
    I am watching your discussion with very interest in order to learn from your experience. Yes Peter there are cordage loops and it seems that was
    made for an external use like CG. About the material I think that Csaanv opinion is right that in such case it was necessary to be of a more
    resistant material , like wool. What is your oipinion for external use on a Government building.Also It is very important to have your opinion
    about the period of use. Regards

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