Trying to identify and find value of a service flag

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Redftw, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I have a Star Service Flag (in attachment). It is on shiny gold background with a star, border, and words "We Answered the Call" in a red flocking on it. Measures about 9x6. Has the dowell and fringe on the top. Have done all kinds of searches and nothing comes up. Was found with a Douglas/Johnson campaign flag in my great uncles house. Please help. Would like to sell both to help cover the cost of medical for him (93 yrs old). flag2.jpg flag1.jpg
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    Hello Redftw, and welcome to the USA Flags Forum. The Service Flag design was one or more blue stars on a white field with a red border. Gold stars indicated the person died in the service of their country. A red star indicated they were missing in action. Although rare, a red star service flag would be worth only slightly more than a common version, in any event no more than $30 to $50 in my opinion. The Douglas portrait flag, however, is very valuable. If you still have it, please consign it to a high-end militaria auction. I can give you a few suggestions for auction houses or americana dealers to contact. While Lincoln campaign flags are the most popular and command high prices for obvious reasons, campaign flag banners with the candidates portrait, like the Douglas flag, are in a class by themselves.
    Nick A
    Columbia MD
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    Thank you I would very much appreciate any contacts you could supply.
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    The Douglas and Johnson flag would probably bring about $7,500 at auction. If you want to sell these, you should send images with close-ups to Jeff Bridgman at

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