Trying to identify this flag

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    Trying to identify this flag, its 48 stars, sewn stars and strips and looks to be cotton or linen. Its 34â€￾ x 56â€￾ and you can see in the picture the name Leader and Bunting. What is Bunting?

    Thanks very much

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    Hello, and welcome to the USA Flag Forum!

    Your 48-star USA flag was made between 1912 and 1959 when the USA had 48 states.

    "Bunting" is a special fabric from which flags are made. The earliest bunting fabrics were woven from wool. They were lightweight, flew in a light breeze, and dried quickly after being wet. All these factors were critical in the primary location that flags were used: at sea. (Those fabric things on poles carried by armies into battle on land were "standards," though you will find many vexillologists who will argue those terms, and thoroughly enjoy doing so.)

    Your flag was made in the mid 20th century by Annin and Company, who used both cotton and wool bunting to make flags, your choice. Flags of cotton bunting were favored by many as they were "moth-proof." (Moth larvae only ate wool fibers so cotton was not affected if you had these pests in your house or flag-locker.) "Leader"was just the name they chose for this particular type of cotton bunting with sewn stripes and applied stars.

    Today you can buy flags made from nylon, polyester, super-poly and other synthetic bunting fabrics. Cotton USA flags are still available, but I don't know of anyone mass producing flags of wool bunting any more.

    What else would you like to know about your flag? Unless it came with paperwork saying who owned it, where they flew it, or when it was used, or unless this information is written on the heading of the flag itself, there is no way you can answer these questions just by examing the flag. It is just like millions of other 48-star flags that were used during the middle half of the last century.

    Nick Artimovich
    Columbia Maryland
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    Thanks very much Nick, I bought the flag off e-bay for $36.00, it will be displayed with light with my fully restored 1955 Airstream.


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