Tying flags to trees and tree branches and flags stuck in potted plants.

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by American Revolution, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma and thought I'd ask here for advice. My neighbor has American Flags all over his yard. He has a few stuck in flower plants, he has a very small one tied in the branches of an oak tree in the front yard. Im' not even sure how it got it up there. It's attached to a small branch. If you didn't know that a person intentionally put it in the tree you'd think it got stuck/tangled up there, much like a kite. It's usually in a tangled ball, but sometimes it untangles and flies upside down. It's up there every day, morning noon and night, rain or shine, left to rot.

    Now he has purchased a very large flag. Its on a pole that is meant to be fastened to the house (at an angle) so the flag can hang. Instead, he stuck the pole in his flower garden and the flag hung straight down dragging the flowers and ground day and night. We had windy/rainy weather yesterday and the pole fell over so the flag was laying flat in the dirt in a wet hovel. This morning he came out and tied the flag to the trunk of a tree. The same tree that has the small tangled upside down flag up in the branches. He lashed the pole to the trunk straight up and down so the flag hangs straight up and down against the tree. He affixed it above some sort of lawn ornament/latticework made to trail vines up it so it looks like the flag is part of his lattice decoration flat against the tree trunk. It's hanging limply there day and of course at night, without illumination.

    This neighbor often does "interesting" things and due to previous incidents we do not speak to each other, so I cannot simply go over and tell him there is a flag code. Normally we give him a wide berth, but the flag issue is really bothering me. My grandfather recently passed away, he was a navy veteran, and he wanted to display his flag proudly, but he wouldn't do it until he was able to install a proper flag pole and light. It bothers me to see someone stringing the flag in trees and plants with seemingly no knowledge of flag etiquette.

    I thought of sending him a copy of the flag code in the mail? He's a simple person, and since there's no specific code stating directly "don't tangle flags in trees", I'm not sure he'd even understand it.

    How would you address this?

    Thank you!
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    I took a photo. This is his smaller flag "up" in his tree. It's been like since day one when he put it up there a year ago.[​IMG]

    His new larger flag, the one with a pole that is meant to be attached to the house, is lashed, pole and all, straight up and down against the tree trunk of this same tree. I didn't take a photo of it because it's facing away from my house, and I'd have to stand in the street to get a photo. Maybe i'll try to do that later.

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