U. s. flag etiqette on motorcycle

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    U. s. flag etiqette on motorcycle...
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    I found this....

    Flag Etiquette

    I had the same question. Several paragraphs down there is a similiar question with an answer. Good luck.....gda
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    One thing to keep in mind is when you put the bike on the kickstand the right side of the bike will be slightly higher. Therefore I would recommend the American Flag be on the right side of your motorycle thus giving it the higher postion when your bike is on a kickstand
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    Could you please tell me what side the American Flag should be displayed on when placed on the back of a motorcycle along with the POW flag please help me I need to know as I want to place this on husbands bike before Fathers Day thank you
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    when looking at the rear of the bike the american should be on the right side of the bike. The side of the bike with the throttle handle.
  7. zredmanz is right on previous post
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    Thanks for the great info. I am the editor for our local Harley Davidson Owners Group newsletter and I was looking for proper flag etiquette.
    Thanks for the help!
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    Hi, Karen -- glad that the information was useful.

    One other item that you might want to mention in your newsletter is the display of the flag when it is painted on the side of a motorcycle or other vehicle. The custom is that the stars face toward the front of the vehicle, regardless of which side the flag is on. (The idea is that the flag should look as if it is flying in the wind as the vehicle moves forward.) This is an exception to the general rule that the stars should always be on the observer's left. It's not specifically covered in the flag code, but it follows current military regulations.

    Best regards,

    Peter Ansoff
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    Ok...Why is that?
  11. Peter Ansoff

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    Hi! In general, the right-hand position is the place of honor. This turns up in several places in the flag code. When the US flag is displayed beside another flag on poles of the same height, it goes on the right, and the flag itself is normally displayed with the union on its own right.

    Historically, this custom came from medieval heraldry. The right or "dexter" was the position of honor on a knight's shield. National flags seem to have originated as heraldic banners, so the transition from coats-of-arms to flags was natural. The origin of the right-as-place-of-honor custom goes back at least to ancient Roman times. When the legions were lined up in formation, the senior legion stood on the right.


    Peter Ansoff
  12. I agree if the us flag is posted on the front of the motorcycle. If the flag is posted on the rear of the motorcycle I feel it should be on the left, as it is being viewed from the rear as though it were in front of an audience or in front of a meeting at the VFW or American legion. Wouldn't you agree on that assessment?
  13. Peter Ansoff

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    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    Both the civilian flag code and military regulations are pretty clear that a flag goes on the right side of a vehicle. The Army says that it should be on the front fender, but the Marines, Air Force and the civilian code don't specify front or back. My thought would be that the rules about display in an auditorium don't really apply here -- we're dealing with a moving vehicle rather than a static stage or podium. (Similarly, the rule about the union being on the viewer's left does not always apply to flags painted on vehicles -- the union is often faced forward on both sides so that it appears to be flying in the wind.)

    The flag code and the military regs were obviously written to address cars rather than motorcycles. Cycles, of course, are configured differently -- they don't always have separate right and left fenders. If the US flag is the only flag you're displaying, an alternative would be to center it on the back of the cycle. This would be consistent with the way it would be done if the US flag (alone) were carried by a marching unit, and also with the way US ensigns are displayed on ships.


    Peter Ansoff
  14. rholliday

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    well can't find my situation on this site.
    I fly 3 small flags on the rear of the bike.
    I fly the US center 1" higher than the other 2.
    yes no??
  15. Robin Hickman

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    YES !!!

  16. rholliday

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    Thank you!

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