U.S. Flag flying in relation to others:

Discussion in 'Other Flags' started by Brian K. Elam, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. I work for a municipality. For the usual holidays and events we fly our American flags from designated poles throughout our central business district. We currently, due to a promotional situation with our local arts council, have many banners flying in this district that depict flags from many various countries. Unfortunately these banners were set higher than where we have our flag holders for our American flags. Is there a protocol that addresses the distance that is necessary between one country's flag/banner and our American flag? In other words, if we have one of these banners representing a foreign country flying at one location and we have a flag holder for an American flag 150 feet away, would it still be inappropriate to fly the American flag from its holder, given that it will be flying at a lower location on its pole than the other banners?

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