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  1. Colossus

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    I work for a Museum and I’m just outright stumped by the flag before me. Any ideas?

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  2. NAVA1974

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    The red and white with 4 vertical bars is the flag of the 4th Liberty Loan of WWI. I can only speculate about the purpose of the diagonal slash with stars...
  3. David Wagner

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    With Nava's answer I did a quick search on the 4th Liberty Loan and found the following explanation:

    During World War I, communities were encouraged to launch drives for the sale of bonds to finance the American involvement in the war. There were five drives in total, including one after the war had ended. A community that met its quota for a drive was awarded a Liberty Loan flag by the U.S. Treasury. Lexington met its quota in all five drives. It received four flags and then, to show oversubscription in all drives, its fourth flag was altered with a line through the four stripes. It is exceedingly rare for any one institution to possess four intact flags.

    Source: http://www.lexingtonhistory.org/liberty-loan-flags---1918--1919.html
    and http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/for...55-liberty-loan-flag-war-saving-service-flag/

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