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    The Military Salute Project has released the UNITED STATES FLAG MANUAL, a 45-page comprehensive summary of the history of the American Flag and the regulations and guidelines for its display and use.

    Three free online viewing or download options are available ...
    -- Adobe PDF format for printing on one side of a page
    -- Microsoft Word format for printing on one side of a page
    -- Microsoft Word format for printing as a book on both sides of mirrored pages

    For more information, please visit our web page at ...
    Military Salute Project UNITED STATES FLAG MANUAL

    Jeff Seeber, Director
    Military Salute Project – Woodbury, MN
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  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hello !

    I just downloaded a couple copies (PDF & Word) of the "United States Flag Manual" touted in this thread.

    Although I've only skimmed it so far, I'd say that at 43 pages it appears to be professionally done and it seems to be fairly comprehensive, complete and detailed.

    I particularly appreciate the use of photos to illustrate the different placements and displays of the U.S. Flag. Sometimes, the descriptions that have been used in the past can be a little confusing for some folks. I think it REALLY helps to have the "visual" representations to go along with the written descriptions to remove any doubts.

    I gave this thread entry 5 Stars !

    Robin "This Is Worthy Of A MANUAL Download!" Hickman

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