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    I came across a unique flag today. It has 13 stars stacked from top to bottom 3,2,3,2,3. It has " US Ensign No. 8 Navy Yard New York Oct 1907 "92"" stamped on the edge. It looks to be made of wool or burlap. I can not load pictures for some reason. Any help in identifying is greatly appreciated!!
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    Hello USMC5811, and welcome to the USA Flag Forum!

    You have discovered a U.S. Navy "Boat Flag." The Navy flew 13 star flags from boats, launches, and other small vessels until World War I. Since these small craft used small flags, using a flag that had the full number of stars representing all the states was thought to be impractical. Not only was it expensive to manufacture these many, many smaller flags with relatively small stars, but the stars would be indistinguishable at a distance. The 13 stars were much easier to recognize over the distances at sea.

    Here's a link to photos of my Boat Flags on flickr:


    Nick A
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