Unusual 9 star American flag

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by stanley, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. stanley

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    Hi...I recently found a 3 stripe (2 red 1 white) 9 star flag at an estate sale.It is only slightly larger than a dollar bill.It has great age.It has 8 stars in a circle with a larger star in middle of the 8 star circle Any help IDing it would be appreciated...stanley
  2. APS221

    APS221 Member

    Sounds like a 9-star first national flag of the Confederate States of America, known as the "Stars and Bars."
  3. stanley

    stanley New Member

    The confed flag was 11stars in this design.10 in a circle 1 in the middle. The 9 star confed flag had 8 in a circle and 1 outside the circle at the bottom left
  4. AmericaHurrah

    AmericaHurrah Member

    This is a patriotic bunting, not a flag. It's a decorative object, made to hang vertically. The star count has no meaning. Without seeing it I can tell you that it's probably 1st quarter 20th century, but if I saw images I could properly date it.
  5. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    For reference, here is the Stars and Bars. I've been debating if its PC to fly this particular flag in my summer historical flags rotation up here in the North.

    122312 019.jpg

    FOTW indicates there was both a 7 star and 13 star version -this is the 7 star version

    This example is an Annin Nyl-Glo with sewn stripes and applique stars.
  6. csaanv

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    HI David,
    Most folks North or South have no clue that was the 1st national flag of the CSA. It was adopted by the Confederate Provisional Congress mostly because it look similar to the old Stars & Stripes which caused problems later and lead to the creation of the more recognizable Army of Northern Virginia battle flag. So you probably would be safe to fly it since it does look like a U.S. flag. Actually, I am asked often if it is a Revolutionary War flag. I tell them yes, the second one. :)
    Here is an example of an eleven star flag I made.
  7. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    It's summer flag rotation time again, but now it runs from June - LAbor Day weekend, I thing this year I have 15 or 16 flags in the "summer show" of historical pattern flags, one per week.

    This week is the Confederate Stars and Bars- I showed it to a guy who claims to be a civil war fanatic (in that he loves reading about, etc) the Civil War, and he didn't recognize it. I do have two of Confederate "Battle Flags" - one is even really nice, heavy cotton, sewn panels, sewn stars the whole deal - but I'd never actually fly those. That particular pattern is still too emotionally charged for too many people.

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