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    In the "It's quiet around here" thread, I posted that I was starting a project to catalog my flag collection. This came about as I lost track, quite frankly, of what I had. Even with the flags I knew I had, I didn't know which ones had been photographed, added to the website, and so forth.

    It looks like I lost track of keeping things up to date around August of 2013. So anything I acquired since then needs photographed and posted to the website. I have updated the excel file on my web server for those that want to see the updates, it now has image links for 530 flags, so that's a big progress from the last file I told you about, which had no image links. This leaves 200 to photograph, the good news is only 76 of those are fill size flags. From the other 134, 50 of those are a flags of the US states mini flag set, and as I noted in the last update, on of my last acquisitions, had what much have been every hand held parade flag they ever had.

    Other resources: My flag collection website link it in the signature below, and the Flickr gallery where you can watch a slideshow of all the flag images:

    And the link to the rest of my flag photos, most are the same as in the above, but a few are just general flag photos I have taken:

    I did post a few fun stats on my Facebook, which I'll copy below: (on3 my my non flag facebook friends even liked it.

    Some stats:
    Total Flags: 730
    (382 Desktop or "Minis", 342 Standard size flags, and 6 Jumbo flags)
    By Category:
    Advertising: 3
    Decorative: 27
    House Flags (Shipping Line/Yacht Clubs: 3
    Flags of the Nations: 311 (121 full size)
    Military Branches/POW/Red Cross: 6
    Other Political: 6
    Political Subdivisions (States, Provinces, Cities) - 84 (28 full size)
    Codes and Signals: 89 (includes 2 full ICOS sets, 3 semaphore sets)
    Sports (Xavier, Reds, Olympics, Racing) - 22
    Tribal Nations: 1
    US Historical Flags: 94 (32 full size)
    US 50 Star Flags: 64 (15 full size - yes different manufactures and materials and construction)

    Right now I have photos for 529 of them, need to get photos for the other 201)

    When all is done I will add an Excel database of my flag collection to my website with lots of details and photo links, as well as update the existing flag photos on the website.

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    When I read your post, the word "Impressive" comes to mind!

    If I did a "public" inventory of my minuscule Flag collection then my wife would find out exactly how MANY flags I actually have!

    "Dead Flag Man Walking"!!!

    Maybe I'll be able to figure out how to put together an Excel Inventory sheet for myself.... or, maybe not!

    Impressive, Dave! Impressive!!!

    Robin Hickman
    ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man")
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    You can use my worksheet layout for a start if you need.

    I have another Excel sheet to plan my summer flag show. (With all of my assorted US Historical patterns) - doing one a week I can get through the summer.

    I should really start to follow international holidays so I can make use of those Flags of the World
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