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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by tko333x, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. tko333x

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    I was at work and no one had returned the flags to full mast from yesterday, so I put them back up, but was confused. I know that if it's the same pole and the US and state flags are on the same halyard, the US flag is on top. I know that if they are on separate poles they may be flown at the same level. This single pole had two halyards on either sides of it, one for the US one for the state flag. I thought since they were on separate halyards they would be flown at the same level, but was "corrected" later and my boss lowered the state flag below the US flag. Anyway, I think maybe the pole setup is just not standard? I don't know, I'm still confused. :confused:
  2. coasterville

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    In the case you mention, it is the fact they are on a single pole that is the most important. In that case yes, the US flag goes to the top with the state directly underneath.

    Don't worry too hard, I've seen others do this as well. (I might say this weekend is "Amatuer Flag Flying weekend" some of the stuff I have seen this weekend is just wrong. )
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    I have a US Flag (15' X 25") first displayed"flown" over our County Court House for the Nations Bi-Centennial Celebration in 1976. It has been replaced because of wear. It is badly torn, faded, repaired because of wear and torn again due to wear. Should this flag be displayed publically or destroyed properly by American Legion ritual ?
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    This sounds like the normal life history of a flag and I don't see any reason for this flag to be preserved. This flag has served its country and should be respectfully committed to the flames.


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