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  1. I have an American Flag that flew over the US Capitol Building in a frame that has a letter in the frame with it.

    The letter is addressed to Senetor Dirksen (IL) and the letter is from the Architect of the Capitol, George Stewart, and the letter says that the accompanying flag was flown over the US Capitol, dated November 19th, 1964. I found it in my grandpas garage, does anyone know the value of something like this? I'm not in the market to sell it, I just want to know if I need to insure it, or preserve it a different way. Thank you to anyone who can help.
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    Just a guess, but sentimental value will probably be the highest.
    I had 3 flags flown over the Capitol Bldg. in 2001, the summer before the terrorists struck, for my dad and a couple other military vet's.

    The service is provided, for a fee, to anyone making a request to their Senator or Representative.

    They will accommodate significant dates and most holiday's, and if it is for a special occasion or event, they will include that on the accompanying certificate.

    I have one from the Pentagon, dated 9/11/04 that I had done.

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