US Ensign No. 10 Mare Island May 1927

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  1. jimmymacky

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    I was given this flag. It is in rough condition. one the stars was replaced. It appears the end of the flag was repaired as the thread is black and the flag is shorter. I would like try to find some information about this flag as it is dated May 1927. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. NAVA1974

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    Hello jimmymacky and welcome to the USA Flag Forum. Mare Island was a Naval Shipyard on San Francisco Bay where the navy constructed many things from submarines to flags. The term Ensign refers to the USA National Flag flown from the stern of ships. A Jack consists of just the field of stars and flies from the bow when a ship is in port. The "No 10" designation was the size. The largest size was a #1 and was flown from battleships. The smallest size was #12 and would have been used on small boats. You said one of the stars was replaced. If you are referring to the left-most star in the top row, it was usually placed on a reinforced portion of the canton nearest the top of the pole because that is the point of greatest stress. It was common practice toe re-hem the end of flags - that was one of the reasons that naval flags around the world tend to be almost twice as long as they are wide so they could trim away the frayed portion and square off the flag.

    Anything else you want to know? A photo or two would help us estimate the value of your flag, but realistically the price range is $25 to $150 depending on condition.

    Columbia Maryland
  3. jimmymacky

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    Hi Nick, thank you for the prompt reply. I'm attaching some photos of the flag to help ID it. What size ship would a Ensign #10 been flown. How long would they keep the flag in service. I wonder if it got to WWII. I have a great interest in military history, particularly WWI & WWII. I'm more interested in historical information about it, than its value. If it has some historical significance I would like to donate it to group or museum. old flag #1.jpg old flag #2.jpg old flag #3.jpg old flag #4.jpg old flag #5.jpg
  4. NAVA1974

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    Thanks for the photos. The chart on this web page: Flag Sizes
    shows that a Number 10 Ensign would be 5 and one-half feet long. Yours has clearly been repaired numerous times.
    That website also notes that the Number 10 Ensign would fly from vessels that are small enough to be classified as "boats." The captain's launch, and PT boat are two examples. There are other members of this forum who are much more expert than I on official military/naval flag use.

    Columbia Maryland
  5. jimmymacky

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    Hi Nick, thanks again for the quick response. You have really helped me increase my knowledge of flags. This a new area of history for me. I wish that flag could talk, I would love to know where it has been.
    San Diego Calif
  6. Nice piece of history! Thanks for sharing it!
  7. Lawraangel

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    While you have a flag with a single star missing(now replaced) I have a single star from the USS Maine inwhich I am hoping to piece with the originial flag! lol Great piece of history you have..

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