US Ensign No 6 Navy Yard New York 1916

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    My grandfather recently died and I was cleaning out his basement and came across an old embroidered 48 star flag stenciled with US Ensign No 6 Navy Yard New York 1916 down the hoist of the flag. The flag measures 17' x 9' so is in keeping with the sizing chart for the No 6. My question is if anyone can give me any info or history into the flag, what it is made of, I would imagine wool. How many were made during this time, where were these flags were usually flown. What would be the value of this flag? Finally i'm looking at hanging it horizontally along my wall in my basement, any recommendations on hanging it, I don't want to damage it in any way of course. Thanks.
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    Hello Uncelseroad and welcome to the USA flag forum.
    Navy Yard flags of this era were composed of wool bunting with cotton stars applied, not embroidered. You may be referring to the zig zag stitching that affixes the stars. The heading is also made of cotton. There are no records existing of how many flags were made at the various navy yards, but the number made is not important - the question is "how many survive today?" Dated flags from the WW I era are much scarcer than from WW II. There are usually one or two navy yard-made flags on eBay at any point in time, for example. I have Navy Yard flags dated from 1882 to 1902 posted here
    on flickr: Flickr: Search nicka21045's photostream
    I woujld be interested to know if your flag matches these flags in the details.
    As far as value goes, it is a matter of supply and demand. WW I dated navy yard flags might be scarce, or even rare in certain sizes, but the demand for a17-foot long collectible flag is very small. Huge flags like yours are difficult to display, as you will find out when you try to hang yours. I would guess your flag would sell on eBay for up to $200 if it is in excellent condition.

    Nick A
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