US Flag from USS Raleigh from Pearl Harbor

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    My grandfather passed away in 2002 and I inherited a lot of his Navy items--his Blues, stripes, Pearl Harbor survivor stuff, and a flag "he said" was taken off the Raleigh when it was hit in Pearl Harbor. The Raleigh was a light cruiser and the first ship to take a direct hit, even though it's not been a popular ship in WW2 history.

    The flag itself looks pretty worn and old and I have no doubt it came from the ship--but the Pearl Harbor story is another deal--I'm collector of antique firearms and books, so very weary on even grandfather's statements even though he was always sincere with everyone. Is there a person or place anyone knows of who does authentication for an item like this? I either want to sell it or give to the Pearl Harbor museum is legitimate. Again--I have no doubt it came from the ship, but just not positive if removed after the ship was hit. The ship was scrapped in 1946 likely due to the damage it sustained.

    I have lots of authenticate back-up material, pictures, you name it. Even a very nice xerox or whatever they used to copy back then of a poster sized document that is an overview of the after effects of the attack.

    I've looked over the net for pictures of a flag on the ship, but no luck. Here's the history of the ship:

    Anyway, thanks for your time and if needed I can take a picture.


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